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Thank you for visiting. This site is for any level of user from those new to Gnu/Linux to full on gurus who think and dream in shells.

We aim to bring all the info you could possibly need about where linux runs and how to get it all on one information portal. As this is a site for sharing feel free to share any info you have or visit our projects page to upload your latest linux project for all to see.

Linux seems to run just about anywhere. I wouldn’t be surprised if very soon you’ll be able to buy smart kitchen appliances running embedded linux…I want linux on my toaster!

Where have you managed to get linux to run? What have you used it for? This site wants to know and to share linux projects, tips, tricks, howtos, videos, news…anything and everything linux related to celebrate and encourage the use of this wonderful set of operating systems that can free us from the bind of expensive licences and putting up with an OS just as it is.

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